VintageCopyCat + F.L.I.G.H.T.S presents "The American Dream"

The American Dream Collection!!

This past weekend was the first annual new designer fashion show at Winston Salem State University. The fashion show featured three designers, Elgin Phillips, Charlie, Myself and Damarcus Miller. Our Collection was "The American Dream" Which includes destroyed jeans and Blazers.
The collection featured different ways to include the American Flag in many ways the
collection displayed the pride shown by many Americans.

The Runway

Model: Alex

Model: DJ

Model: Byron

Model: Gabby

Model: Arielle

Model: Jarrin

Model: Jasmine

Model: Kadijah

Model: Mitchell

Model: Raven

Model: Ron

Model: Toni

Model: Tyra

Model:  Samantha Rae,Wearing the final piece that was create to represent Breast Cancer
 Designer of F.L.I.G.H.T.S  (Damarcus Miller)

This collection included a Breast Cancer Piece
 Worn by:  Samantha Rae

Designers: Tanisha Turner (Me)  and Damarcus Miller

Pictures were done by Traci C. Lester

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