NYC!!! NYC!!! NYC!!!

So I finally moved back to Brooklyn!!!!! Yessss!!!!!!!
Being back home I realized  I have even more opportunities to do Fashion Designing. My first week home went great, I went to soooo many festivals and I have been in the city non stop and most of all I visited the Art Institute of New York. I have been applying to soooo many internship because Fashion Week will be coming up and I need to network!! network!!!! network!!!!!!!!
 I even started working on my portfolio, I had to hold back the tears when it finally came together. Seeing my work in my portfolio was so overwhelming and I cannot wait to start my journey towards Fashion.
  S/N--> I will start bringing my camera with me to all the street festivals I go to and keep you posted.. 

Check out pictures from my first week in NYC!!!!!!!!

I saw this seller/artist while I was in SoHo. I Love his work!!!

Old Comic Books and Vogue Magazine Covers.. I LOVE EM!!!

Welcome to the city of fast walkers..

Its so amazing to see my creations on printed paper!!!!

It was coming together....

Working on my portfolio for my internship.

This event will be taking place at 42nd street today...

Me and my sister Quincy we went to the city..

Driving through Brooklyn mind you this was like 7/8am and its OD crowded already..SMh

While on the train I was just looking through the window and started taking pictures because I got an idea for a design by just looking at the train tracks..STAY TUNE FOR FUTURE DESIGNS!!!
I am such a VISUAL designer my inspirationa and designs come from everywhere!!

Being away from NY for so long I learn how to appreciate it !!!!

One of the fashion classrooms at the Art Inst of NY!!!

I went to the Art Institute of New York
 Student Lounge Area
Every year they repaint the student lounge with white paint and have the students come in and do their art work on the walls ..DOPE!!!

One of the many events I went to while in the city...

The finish product
Vintage COPY CAT!!  

     Thanks for checking out my blog..COME AGAIN!!!

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