V"C"C Custom Sleeves

The pooch sleeves were made from the bottom part of a dress that was too long (I will post the dress later)

This was a swimsuit I bought and took the straps from a bag and added it along the neck line, Took some vintage buttons I found on an old blazer and added it to the middle. The sleeves were made from an old silk skirt I had.

I did the same thing with this but this is an actual leotard and I found a vintage skirt with an unusual pattern and cut/shaped it into sleeves. ( I will post the dress the dress later)

This is a brown swimsuit from H&M can be worn as a leotard and I added this scarf I found thrifting I cut it into four pieces to give the outfit a more edgy ruffled neckline.

I added the detailed shoulder and a very unique button to the front.
Can also be paired with a nice skirt.

Added these roses going across because it was so plain black.
Added some silver buttons to let the V-shaped detail in the back stand out more.

Add detail shoulders

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